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Next on the revision block is Kat story. In Book II - Antics, Antidotes, and Angel, Kat is challenged to tone her persona down in order to be taken seriously by her professors. When it works, she continues the duel persona in her business life in Book III: Love, Lies, and Alibis.

Meet Kat Grantham AKA Kathryn Wallace:

Meet Ben Higgins AKA Bernie Higgenbottom:

Story Blurb:

Kathryn Wallace and Kat Grantham are one in the same, and there’s nothing they hate more than a bully. Kathryn Wallace by day-- is a dowdy, introverted financial whiz whose sole focus is her career. Kat Grantham by night--is a sexy, smart, and incredibly sassy female dynamo. Unfortunately, they have bigger problems than battling their duel personas when the SEC comes knocking with accusations of insider trading. They must find a way to save the family fortune before one them goes to jail. And who will win at love when it knocks as well, Kat or Kathryn?

Ben Higgins is working undercover as Bernie "the nerd" Higgenbottom to check out an insider trading tip the SEC has received. Somehow he can't quite believe the innocent “librarian" he's been sent to investigate at the bottom of a potentially huge SEC scandal. Until he discovers she's not who or what she appears to be. Ben finds more than he bargained for battling a powerful sexual attraction for Kat, the office bully taunting both him and Kathryn, and discovering who is behind the insider trading?


Jamison Reginald Spalding III is the darling of Carmichael, Sprague, and Rossi Brokerage Firm and just happens to be the biggest schmuck on the entire west coast.

I’ve watched “Racket”, as Jamison is affectionately known by the male species in the office, with a reputation as a player and ladies man. Wherever Racket goes something happens to point him out as the big hero.

Not that I don't find the man appealing. Yes, he is handsome, and very charming, especially if he wants something from you. But I don't get off on idiots who have a bigger crush on themselves than their wives.

Oh, did I forget to mention he's married. Well he is. And his wife is a real sweetheart. She doesn't deserve the disparaging remarks he makes about her. Nor does she deserve to be ignored when they appear together at parties or events.

Though lately Caroline has avoided office parties altogether. I'm sure it's just too humiliating for her to show up, only to spend the evening alone and listening to whispers and gossip, wondering how much of it is true. Not to mention the tactless stares she can’t get away from.

Heck, I wouldn't even go to those stupid get-togethers myself if I didn't want to at least appear like a team player. Although, why I bother is a bigger mystery.

I hired on at CSR after graduating first in my class, with a Master's Degree in Finance. And here I sit eighteen months later still shuffling paper. Not even considered a junior player, trying to get my big break to show the suits my business moves.

Uncle Jack, Jack Carmichael that is, said he'd intervene for me, but I want to do this on my own. Jack brought me into the firm and recently he moved me from New Accounts, to the Big Investor's floor. It was brought to his attention that the firm was being watched. There is a very big possibility that insider trading is going on so he asked me to keep my eyes and ears open. Thank God at least there is one person that believes in me!

The funny thing is that the only one who aware of what's in my female pea-sized brain is the Casanova of the company. How do I know this? I recently overheard Jamison schmoozing the infamous Candy. The Barbie bimbette of HR. Trying to find out who holds the most profitable personal portfolio, with the least amount of loss.

Yes, that would be me. As well as being smart, I consider myself the most loyal worker at the office. I pull all the overtime necessary to ensure my success. Spend all my spare time reading over the various financial prospectuses from our customers, and willing to do anything. Regardless of the fact that I'm nearly invisible to just about everyone who works there. It must be the clothes.

Why do I dress the way I do? I discovered during my second semester at the Unniversity no one took me seriously when I dressed in my regular clothes. Back then I was a bit of a 'Fashionista'. The guys were too busy checking out my body while the professor's refused to believe I was in their classes to learn. Apparently it was easier to believe I was there to find a rich prospect for a husband. Jerks, every last one of them.

Screw that, I already have more money than I can spend in this lifetime.

So, my final year, on a dare, I decided to hide all my assets in dowdy clothes, a mousy hairdo, and exchanged my contacts for big, thick framed glasses, and damned if I didn't come out number one.

Was it worth it? Not yet, but that's all about to change. I've decided that if I'm going to swim with the sharks I better learn how to bite like one of them. How do I plan to do this, you ask?

Well, let’s just say that when I heard the latest prank Jamison set into motion for the newest member of the CSR, I decided I've been Miss Nice for far too long. I'm going to help Bernie Higgenbottom win his bet, and what Jamison doesn't know is that I'm the only one who can do that.

Jamison bet 'Bernie-the-nerd' he couldn't score a date with Kat Grantham the sexiest thing to set foot in the Metronome, Sacramento's hottest nightclub. How do I know I'm the only one who can help him?

I guess I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Kathryn Wallace Grantham, Kat Grantham to my friends.

Starting today, Kat Grantham AKA Kathryn Wallace are working together to bring down Jamison.

I have my suspicions about him. Something’s up and I’m going to get to the bottom of it. And if I’m right, and Jamison is the one behind the insider trading I swear that man is going down, and it won’t be pleasant.

Kat Grantham may be the hottest thing in town, but her nickname isn’t the Ice Bitch for nothing. Jamison will rue the day he messed with me, my family, or my friends. Don’t believe me--just ask my two best friends, Sabrina, Angel, and Jill. When Sabrina was dating my cousin Trent, he tried to pull a con on her that landed her in jail. Let me tell you, I made sure she kicked his ass, but good. Now Sabrina and Trent are married. They just had twin boys. TJ and Trey are the cutest little guys you’ve ever seen. And now, Angel and Travis are married.

As you can see, no one screws with my friends, even family. And I can’t wait for Jamison to get his comeuppance. I plan to make it as harsh as I possibly can. It’s about time someone made sure the bad guys lose. I can’t save the world, but damn it, at least I can save my uncle’s company and my own reputation. And who knows, maybe I’ll have some fun along the way.

Get ready for this wild and bumpy ride.

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I hope you had a lovely Easter or at least a lovely Sunday!

What kind of telephones do you have? Do you have land lines? Do you have a smart phone? Does the brand name matter? Share or confess. 

I still have my land line. I have a cell phone, but it isn't fancy. I have a drawer so I can use keys to text. 

My daughter wanted to get me a smart phone and put me on her account. My baby brother beat her to the draw and added me to his and ordered a smart phone! This is momentous, because we thought he had early onset Alzheimers and he wants to teach me how to use one! 

Share and I'll make someone give a prize!

I love my second job!

It's so much fun to screw with characters and watch them try to survive.

I just finished Book II of my Twisted Sisters Club Series: Antics, Antidotes, and Angel

Introducing: Summer Glau and Angel Talbot

And Paul Walker and Travis Wellington

Tag line: Angel Talbot turns heads and hearts with her wedding creations, sexy lingerie and display of adult toys in Antics, Antidotes, and Angel

Unofficial Blurb: Angeline Talbot has everything she wants, well almost. Due to the economy she’s had to close her wedding salon and concentrate on her store “Angeline’s” where she sells her own designs of lingerie as well as a delightful selection of adult toys. A man in her life would only cause problems, especially one as gregarious, handsome, and humorous as Travis Wellington. Who needs problems like that, certainly not Angel?

Travis Wellington, coming off a thirty-day stay in Palm Springs finally sees the clarity of life with his sobriety, he wants what his brother has: a job he’s proud of, an adoring wife, and utterly content. The only problem is he can’t convince Angel to give him a chance, until she loses a bet and agrees to a date. The night is spectacular, but when he wakes up in the morning she’s gone.

Convincing Angel they right for one another takes them on a crazy ride, with the Blue-haired brigade and well-meaning family and friends running interference. Will anyone survive unscathed?

This story is off to my editor, fingers crossed she likes it.

Have a great day!